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20 Sep 2018


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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 30 Oct 2012

The Windows clipboard is very useful when performing file and folder operations or when copying pieces of text from a location to another. But the problem with the clipboard is that one item can be copied at a time and every copy operation will overwrite the existing one. As such, you won't be able to copy a piece of text and a file at the same time, as one item will overwrite the other.

Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem and one of them is called Clip Plus. This Windows application allows you to extend the functionality of the Windows clipboard, allowing you to perform multiple copy operations, without having to overwrite the existing clipboard item. After the program is installed and launched, the user will notice a simple and intuitive interface and will only need to click on the green arrow displayed in the graphical toolbar of Clip Plus, in order to start the monitoring process.

At this point, every item which is copied into Clipboard will be monitored by Clip Plus and will be displayed in its interface. The program is able to detect the type of copied item, for example a shortcut or a piece of text and can display it accordingly. After an item has been copied into the Clipboard, the user can easily paste it into the desired application, just by using the copy and paste Windows features. In case one needs to reinstall the application, he can export the list of copied items to a file and reuse it later on.

What's more, the project file can be easily repaired using Clip Plus, in case it has been corrupted. A feature which is useful when copying text is the spell checker, which can automatically correct spelling mistakes.


It extends the functionality of the Windows clipboard, by allowing you to perform multiple copy operations. Besides that, copied items can be easily viewed in the program's interface. Furthermore, the list of copied items can be saved as a project file, for reusing it later on.


The menu system may seem a bit too complex for first-time users. With Clip Plus, you will be able to extend the functionality of the Windows clipboard and perform multiple file and text copy operations with ease.

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